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    A conversation between Hollywood's most elegant men, don't miss out!

    The day after the Golden Globes 2012, Empire Magazine asked Logan Yuzna to go to E! and talk to George Kotsiopoulos about fashion, the stars, and the feared red carpet... Here's their full conversation transcripted by Logan himself.

    L: How are you doing?

    G: How's it going? (laughing) Good to see you.

    L: Good to see you.

    G: Wait, I met you last night, right?

    L: Yeah.

    G: Yeyeyeah- you just look different in your casual wear.

    L: Exactly… It's actually not as casual as I normally wear, but..

    G: (laughs) we were all on our best behavior last night.

    L: oh yeah! (laughs) So, um- why do you look so young and handsome at 43?

    G: (Laughs out loud)

    L: (laughs)

    G: I know where you got that question from!

    L: Oh yeah!

    G: I have really good genes, I wear sunblock, I wear hats when I'm in the sun, and i have really good genes (jeans?). (laughs) And I'm greek, you know?

    L: That helps.

    G: There's a saying- you know that saying "black don't crack"? i say "greek don't crack."

    L: (laughs) It doesn't rhyme though...

    G: Yeah, it doesn't rhyme but it kinda works… (Laughs out loud)

    L: So what were you wearing last night at the Golden Globes?

    G: Oh, so last night at the Golden Globes I was wearing a bordeaux velvet, Dolce and Gabana tuxedo.

    L: Very nice.

    G: Thank you.

    L: So when I got the invitation to the Golden Globes, you know, it said it was a "black tie" event, and i was like, "oh, man- i gotta run around and find a bow tie, get some appropriate gear, you know- the tuxedo shirt and whatnot," and then i get there, and i see a lot of fashion forward people like you that aren't even wearing black, and sometimes they don't wear a bow tie- the men, I mean.

    G: Yeah, it's tough in LA with "black tie". I think if you're in New York, it depends on the event you're going to a black tie event that you know involves a lot of creative people, there's leeway. I mean it doesn't really mean that you have to do a real conservative black tie. I think that if you're going to a sheik charity event in New York, or in Italy, you need to dress appropriately, but i think for creative events you could wear a velvet blazer with a black satin tie and skinny black jeans and nice shoes. I think as long as you look nice and you look like you've made an effort to get dressed, you can pretty much pass muster for sure. But again, you really just have to gauge the event that you're going to and know the crowd that you're with. I mean, last night was a very creative crowd, so if you're there with doctors and lawyers and stuff, you want to dress a little bit more conservatively.

    L: And do you think that your position matters, like, if you're an actor than you have more leeway than if you're a journalist, for example?

    G: Um, I think it's really paying respect to your host. I mean, if your host invites you to a black tie affair and you're dressed in jeans and a t shirt, it's not really respectful, so i think no one has leeway there. We make exceptions for musicians a lot, I think musicians can kind of get away with anything, because they're like, "oh, he's a rockstar! That's the way rockstars dress…" But, um, actors in particular, I think, and especially for last night, it was the Golden Globes Awards, you're there to honor each other and everyone in your field; you should look presentable and pay respect.

    L: Alright… And so we know your opinion on the best dressed female based on the show (Fashion Police), but you guys don't really cover men's fashion on the show, right?

    G: No, you know, we don't cover men's fashion unless they're wearing something very flamboyant, and for the most part, guys at the awards events pretty much stick to black tie. They stick to just well tailored tuxedos, you know, when you keep looking at them, you think, "oh he looks great, he looks great, he looks great," and there's such subtle nuances in men's fashion wether it's a shawl collar, a peak lapel, or a notch collar, there's really not that much to go by, unless they're wearing a navy blue tuxedo or a bordeaux velvet tuxedo (laughs). You know, there's not that much to talk about, so we tend to stick with the gals, cuz they're more fun.

    L: So did you have a best dressed male for last night?

    G: Um, you know, Brad Pitt always looks great. George Clooney looked great. Um, I think Channing Tadem was in Prada- he looked pretty good. Seriously, there weren't many missteps, I think, with the guys- not that i noticed. 
    I think when you're doing fashion with men, a lot of these guys should think, "what would Kerry Grant wear?" you know? Like, "what would one of those guys wear?" and then dress accordingly. If you're not going to dress like that, then you probably shouldn't. (laughs)

    L: Do you think that every celebrity that attended the Golden Globes cares about fashion?

    G: Uh, I think all of the celebrities that attended the awards care about how they look. Some care about fashion, but if you don't, then you absolutely care about how you look. For a lot of women, it's just not their thing. They don't care about fashion. They wanna look good, but they don't care who the designers are. They're just not into it. Like, Emma Stone, for example, loves fashion, she loves the designers, you know. There's others, they just don't really care; they just wanna look pretty, you know, which is fine. Not everyone needs to be passionate about it, but i think everyone should try and look good. (laughs)

    L: And some just want to avoid the Fashion Police brutality. (laughs)

    G: Yeah, yeah, yeah, i mean, but some can be just clueless and have no idea that they're dressed the way they are, but, you know what? Ultimately if they feel great that evening, you know, that's really all that matters. I mean, if you see a girl in a ridiculous dress on the red carpet, but she's got a big smile on her face, and she's standing up tall, that's a pretty good accessory to have as well. Confidence and a smile is good.

    L: Do you think that the fact that they're actors helps their posing and their posture for photos? Do you think that helps their fashion?

    G: No, I think a lot of actors and actresses are kind of uncomfortable being models, I mean, it is a skill. Posing on the red carpet is a skill that is learned, and the more that you do it, the better you get at it. I mean, some of these girls are pros, they know what angles to do, they know how to stand, and they even know the subtle angles of where to turn their heads, and they've learned it because they've been looking at all the photos of themselves on other red carpets. So, it's just like modeling, i mean, you kind of learn what works and what doesn't.

    L: So, sometimes they're just missing their directors, huh? You don't exactly have a director there holding your hand and tell you what to do.

    G: Yeah, but you learn as you go along. If you look at photos of even Julia Roberts, Kate Blanchet, Kate Winslet, from when they were first on the red carpet, I would doubt that they were all as eloquent as they are now. And some kind of never learn- they just don't care. (laughs out loud)

    L: So, Empire Magazine is very interest in the connection between style, cinema, and stars. What are some of the main ways in which style and cinema are connected?

    G: Oh… Oh, my god, there's so many ways! Throughout history, designers have been hooked up with films, like Georgio Armani doing the costumes for American Gigolo, Ralph Loren doing the costumes for The Great Gatsby, Givenchy collaborating with Audrey Hapvern for so many of her films… There's always been a synergy there. I think that it's become commercial and marketable and people have been cashing in on it in the last like 15 years where they're just realizing the connection. Before it was more organic. It was like, this designer was fond of this girl, and so he would want to dress her, and now there's more deals being put in place, so it's a little bit less organic, but it's there. I mean, you look at all of these designers have movie stars in their ad campaigns, and Scarlett Johansson is doing Dulce and Gabana, Dior has Marianne Cortiare(?), and Charlize Theron, i mean, they're all looking for that girl to be the face of their brand, so.

    L: So, it kind of works both ways.

    G: Yeah.

    L: The actresses go into the fashion world, and the fashion goes into the movie scene…

    G: Absolutely. Because i think sometimes the supermodels were replaced with actresses, and i think that the designers are looking for a real woman, like, "who is this character? who is this woman that speaks to our brand?" and they choose the appropriate girl to sell that. So it really works for everyone.  

    L: Alright, thank you very much!

    G: You're welcome! It was good to see you again!

    L: It was good to see you too!

    G: Take care!    

    L: You too!

    G: Bye.

    L: Bye.

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    Photography by Lauren Ross

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  • 01/18/13--16:32: MOLTON BROWN LONDON

  • Another thing to love from London
    be part of their skincare community here

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  • 01/19/13--10:44: ON PARIS FASHION WEEK

  • I think fashion for men is very simple, they should always wear tuxedos.
    Wade Crescent and Myles Hendrik know it. Photo via Myles' instagram.

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  • 01/20/13--09:48: RE / CREATE NEW YORK
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  • 01/25/13--01:37: TOPSHOP SHOWROOM ON MELROSE

  • Until their official store opening in LA next month, Topshop is having an appointment only showroom

    As an extension of the Topshop personal shopper program, they have an appointment only showroom in Melrose, Los Angeles. Topshop brand ambassadors Ashley Bedell, Morgan Hasley, and I stopped by and had our private collection preview. Can't wait to show you the photos of our outfits, soon to come in the Topshop blog. In the meantime these were some photos I took, the place is lovely and you have it all private for yourself. The opening of their first Los Angeles store will be next month, so stay tuned!

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    Italy's finest prosecco VOVETI, sitting on a beautiful Italian linen table cloth

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    It was MADNESS!

    After the concert we all headed to Pink Taco for the after party. Some of the band's friends that I saw included Leonardo Dicaprio, Kate Hudson, Jim Carrey, many actors and well known faces which names I don't know and Katy Perry, who jokingly said she would marry our adorable Brit friend Som Wardner. See all the gossip here.

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    The Wine Country will watch the Super Bowl at the Gloria Ferrer Super Sunday Party, some people is flying out to New Orleans to live the big event in person (see the Daily Truffle Party List here), but whatever your plan is for this Sunday, make sure you stock few bottles of good bubbly! You can join the Gloria Ferrer Wine Club here.

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    Photography by The Chemical Equation

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    The header of the blog has just changed to black and yellow, like the song and like the cabs in NYC as I get ready for the upcoming New York Fashion Week. Once again I will be hosting the Freixenet events and I wanted to dedicate this post to
    some of the top fashion personalities that have attended our gatherings in previous editions. In the photos, Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung, Allison Harvard, Domingo Zapata, Helena Christensen, Jade Jagger, Sarah DeAnna, Scott Lipps, and Sophia Lamar. See you in NYC!

    El encabezado del blog cambia a negro y amarillo, como los taxis de la ciudad de Nueva York, para la que me estoy preparando con motivo de la semana de la moda. Una vez mas, tengo el placer de ser la anfitriona de los eventos de Freixenet y he querido dedicar este capitulo a algunas de las personalidades del mundo de la moda que han atendido nuestras fiestas y reuniones en pasadas ediciones. En las fotos podeis ver a Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung, Allison Harvard, Domingo Zapata, Helena Christensen, Jade Jagger, Sarah DeAnna, Scott Lipps, y Sophia Lamar.  Nos vemos en Nueva York!

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    Today, at the La Perla NYFW Fall 2013 presentation wearing one of the amazing corsets by the Italian brand. / Hoy, en la presentacion de la coleccion de La Perla para el otono de 2013 durante la semana de la moda en Nueva York, con uno de los preciosos corses de la marca italiana.

    Giovanni Bianchi, creative director of La Perla, welcomed me upon arrival and we posed together for some photos. La Perla is one of the brands that I know since I was a little girl, I remember my mom and my unties to have La Perla as their fetiche brand. Today I was wearing a very unique piece that my auntie Tete gave me as a present few time ago, Giovanni immediately caught it and loved that I wore it for the show. He's the best!

    Giovanni Bianchi, el director creativo de La Perla, me recibio al llegar y posamos juntos para las fotos. La Perla es una de esas marcas que conozco desde que era muy pequena, me acuedo de que para mi madre y mis tias La Perla siempre era lo mas de lo mas. Para el evento de hoy me he puesto una pieza muy especial que mi tia Tete me regalo hace un tiempo y Giovanni inmediatamente le ha echado el ojo y me ha dicho que era ideal, estaba encantado. Es el mejor!

    Giovanni also welcomed and posed with the lovely Olivia Palermo and Kelly Rutherford (Lily Van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl guys!). / Giovanni tambien ha recibido y ha posado con Olivia Palermo, que es una monada, y con Kelly Rutherford (la actriz que interpreta a Lily Van der Woodsen en Gossip Girl).

    Below you can see the new lingerie collection, with a lot of black, red and lace. Very traditional Spanish! For the Fall 2013, La Perla drew inspiration from late 1930s Spain and the film "Manolete" which tells the story of one of the most famous toreadors in history, as both a lover and a fighter. 

    En las fotos que siguen podeis ver la nueva coleccion de lenceria, con mucho negro, rojo y encaje. Muy tradicional espanol! Para el otono de 2013, La Perla ha cogido como inspiracion la Espana de finales de los 30 y la pelicula "Manolete", que cuenta la historia de uno de los toreros mas famosos de la historia, tanto en  el amor, como en el ruedo.

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  • 02/08/13--11:30: LA PERLA NYFW AFTER PARTY


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    Dressed by/ Vestida por: Herve Leger by Max Azria

    This afternoon, supermodel Sarah DeAnna and I were invited to the front row of the Herve Leger fashion show, one of the most anticipated shows of this NYFW. Both wearing magnificent pieces by Max Azria, we rushed to the Lincoln Center and although the snow made us miss the press time, we got there just in time for the extremely sexy collection they had waiting for us. Deanna took the funny pics below from the front row, where we bumped into Russell Simmons as well. I will be posting some more pictures in the next post.

    Esta tarde la supermodelo Sarah Deanna y yo hemos ido invitadas a ver desde primera fila el desfile de Herve Leger, uno de los mas esperados de esta semana de la moda de NY. Las dos ibamos vestidas con magnificas piezas confeccionadas por Max Azria, y corrimos al Lincoln Center para llegar a tiempo al menos al desfile, ya que nos hemos perdido el pase de prensa por culpa de la nieve. Deanna ha tomado las fotos que pongo aqui abajo. Nos hemos encontrado con el magnate americano Russell Simmons, tambien en primera fila, pondre mas fotos en el siguiente capitulo.

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    Photography by Logan Yuzna

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    Dressed by/Vestida por: Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony

    This NYFW I was also dressed by Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. The stylists of this cult store with base in London-LA-NYC-Tokyo picked different outfits for me to wear, they were all so Chloe! It was hard to pick one to wear for the show. In the next episode, I will show you the outfit I chose (and it is none of these!).

    Durante la semana de la moda de NYC tambien me vistio Chloe Sevigny para Opening Ceremony. Los estilistas de esta boutique de culto con base en Londres-LA-NYC-Tokyo escogieron diferentes modelos para mi, y todos ellos eran super Chloe! Fue muy dificil escoger uno para llevar al desfile. En el proximo episodio os mostrare el conjunto que elegi (y avanzo que no es ninguno de estos!).

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